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Undoing Summer Skin Damage – How to Reverse Blemishes & More

If you planned your summer right, you made plenty of memories to keep you warm during fall and winter. But in addition to the laughs, the selfies, and the stories, you might have come away with a few unwanted souvenirs, too. 

While it’s true that our bodies need sunlight to produce vitamin D and to regulate our sleep-wake cycles, too much of a good thing can have lifelong consequences. Photoaging—skin damage caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light—can worsen fine lines, deepen wrinkles, and create blemishes practically overnight. 

Types & Forms of Skin Damage Caused by Photoaging

Now that the summer season is winding down, it’s time to take care of those unwanted keepsakes: the many forms of sun damage. Here’s just a small list of what photoaging can cause.

  • Blemishes – Age spots, liver spots, & other forms of hyperpigmentation caused when UV light causes skin cells to darken or change color.
  • Fine Lines – UV light can damage skin fibers, causing creases where none existed before.
  • Wrinkles – Sunlight can quickly turn fine lines into full-blown wrinkles by weakening connective bonds between individual skin cells.
  • Loose Skin – Over time, sun exposure can contribute to drastic skin laxity (looseness).
  • Redness – For some patients (such as those with rosacea, psoriasis, and other chronic skin concerns), UV exposure can lead to lasting redness and discoloration.

Solving Summer Skin Damage – A Regeneris Medspa Guide

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Ryan Welter and his team know all about the less-desirable effects of sun exposure. We’ve been using the latest, safest, and most effective aesthetic technology to help Bostonians achieve smoother, blemish-free skin for years. 

Learn which treatment is right for your summer skin damage. Call Regeneris Medspa at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online.

Best Treatments for Photoaging in Boston, MA

Depending on your individual concerns, one or several of these treatments may be ideal for you. Schedule your consultation today.

Genius RF Microneedling

Our skin is a marvel of natural engineering. It responds to heat, cold, cuts, pricks, and tears without any conscious input from us. Over time, however, our skin’s responsiveness slows. But with just a reminder, your skin can produce the collagen and elastin it needs to tighten, heal, and smooth itself out.

RF microneedling combines radiofrequency energy and simulated skin damage to supercharge and direct collagen production. This popular collagen induction therapy also promotes the elastin fibers that keep skin healthy, tight, and blemish-free.

Learn more about Genius RF microneedling.

The Hollywood Facial

Sun damage isn’t exactly glamorous. To reverse course, you need to pamper your skin with a red-carpet treatment. That’s where the Hollywood Facial comes in. 

This next-level facial starts with an application of SPECTRA lotion—a carbon-based formula that acts as a photo-enhancing barrier for your skin. Next, we’ll guide a powerful laser over your face. The light and heat energy reacts with the SPECTRA lotion to boost collagen, tighten skin, shrink pores, and eliminate blemishes for that celebrity look you love and deserve.

Learn more about the Hollywood Facial.

IPL Photofacials

Not all light is bad for your skin. There are even certain wavelengths that encourage healing. What damaging light causes, IPL photofacials can repair. Also called intense pulsed light therapy, this treatment provides near-comprehensive skin rejuvenation in a single quick and comfortable appointment.

By employing quick bursts of powerful light, IPL photofacials boost collagen and elastin, destroy unwanted blemishes, erase unwanted veins, and reduce redness—all without invasive techniques, discomfort, or long recovery times.

Learn more about IPL photofacials.

Stem Cell Facials

At this very moment, you have undecided cells hiding in your bone marrow and fatty tissue. These adult stem cells are blank canvases. They can go anywhere on your body to become any kind of human tissue. When collected and refined, stem cells can be used to create a powerful healing serum with remarkable effects. Few other modern techniques provide such potent rejuvenating factors.

At Regeneris Medspa, we’re no strangers to regenerative medical techniques. Our stem cell facials offer a non-surgical facial rejuvenation approach unlike most others. Reduce fine lines, banish blemishes, and tighten skin with your own untapped potential.

Learn more about stem cell facials.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Your skin, eyes, and hair all get their color from a naturally occurring pigment called melanin. But when UV radiation damages skin cells, it may also cause them to darken or change color. Discolored skin cells clump together to form blemishes—age spots, liver spots, and even freckles. While these facial features can be charming on some, most of us just want them gone. 

Laser skin resurfacing removes the topmost layer of dead, lusterless skin while also disbanding discolored spots. Darker colors absorb light energy at higher rates than lighter colors. This principle allows us to target blemishes with enough energy to scatter them entirely while leaving surrounding skin unharmed. Contrary to what you may have heard, blemishes are anything but permanent features.

Learn more about laser skin resurfacing.

Undo Summer Skin Damage with Regeneris Medspa in Boston, MA

At the end of the day, this is only a small sampling of the newest, leading-edge skincare treatments on offer at Regeneris Medspa in Boston, MA. As the state’s and region’s leading provider of 21st-century skincare treatments, we have dozens of possible solutions to whatever the summer sun throws at you.

To learn which facial rejuvenation technique is right for you, call Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online. Get your skin in selfie shape before the holiday season rolls around!

Ditch Unwanted Skin Damage & Embrace a Younger You!

Some things really are just skin deep. At Regeneris Medspa in Boston, MA, we can easily pair you with the latest aesthetic treatments to conquer any of your lingering summer skin concerns. Find the latest cosmetic injectables, dermatology treatments, regenerative medical techniques, and so much more! Call Regeneris Medspa today at (781) 412-1309 today or contact us online. Browse our latest special offers today and save big on your favorite self-care treatments!

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