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Cosmetic Dermatology

Facial Fat Grafting - Natural Filler for a Natural Result

Facial Fat Transfer & Injection in Boston, MA

Dermal fillers come in all shapes and sizes, from botulinum toxin (Botox) to synthetic hyaluronic acid (Juvéderm). But when seeking a solution for sunken cheeks, flat lips, fine lines, wrinkles, or furrowed brows, another option exists: fat transfer and injection.

Fat tissue is an IDEAL soft tissue filler. Your fat is your natural body’s filler for the face and as fat deposits in the face erode over time, restoring those areas which your own fat restores in a way no other fill can. Fat also has regenerative cells which further help to slow the aging process and regenerate your skin to a more youthful appearance.

Fat transfers work by taking completely natural fatty tissue from another part of your body, purifying it, and reinjecting it where you need volume. What results is a completely natural, safe, and effective way to strengthen facial contours, plump lips, and smooth skin. At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, our fat transfer procedure (sometimes called fat grafting) can take years off your facial appearance.

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Fat Transfer Before and Afters

A woman's mid torso after fat transfer at Regeneris MedspaA woman's mid torso after fat transfer at Regeneris
A woman's mid torso for fat transfer at RegenerisA woman's mid torso after fat transfer at Regeneris
close up of a person's eyes after fat transfer and injections at Regenerisclose up of a person's eyes for fat transfer and injections at Regeneris

How Fat Transfer & Injection Works

The distribution of stored fat in your body is dictated by numerous factors, genes chief among them. But who couldn’t stand to lose a little here while adding more there? Facial Fat transfer and injection procedures rely on your own naturally produced tissue to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction while improving the contours, quality, and fullness of your facial skin.

The fat transfer procedure can add volume wherever you need it beyond areas of the face, including the hands and scalp. But it’s the completely natural quality of the dermal filler itself that gives fat transfer & injection an edge over other common fillers.

Advantages of fat transfer and injection over other fillers include:
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Reduced risk of allergic reaction
  • Reduced risk of other adverse effects

Fat grafting is a good procedure to add to anyone considering lipo-suction for body contouring purposes, but it is generally done as a stand-alone minimally invasive procedure with essentially no downtime. Fat is extracted with a cannula the size of an 18 gauge needle under local anesthesia and without the need for sutures.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer & Injection

The fat transfer procedure has two primary benefits over other dermal fillers in that the “filler” itself is natural to you. This reduces the risk of adverse reaction while also contributing to the long-lasting nature of the ultimate results.

Beyond these two primary benefits, fat transfer and injection can improve a multitude of age-related issues. Fat transfers provide:

Fuller (plumper) lips

Fuller, softer, smoother cheeks

Scar revision/reduction

Fuller hands

Tighter, youthful-looking skin

Tighter under-eye areas

Safe & effective

Reduces/eliminates fine lines & wrinkles

Improved fatty content of the scalp to enhance hair growth

Long-lasting results

Stronger facial

Fuller skin leads to tighter skin, reducing or eliminating the following age-related facial features:

Crow's Eyes
Laugh Lines
Frown Lines
Marionette Lines
Smoker's Lines
And More!

Fat Can Be Structural or Used to Stimulate Anti-Aging

Once your fat is extracted it is a natural biocompatible semi-permanent filler that can add structure and help to stimulate tissue growth and enhance anti-aging effects not only underneath the skin but on the surface as well.

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, through exclusive fat grafting processing techniques, we can filter your fat into three different grades for injection. Each grade has its own unique properties for either filling, providing volume, reducing fine lines, or stimulating ant-aging. One or more of these can be combined for synergistic effects.

  • Milifat – Essentially native fat with minimal filtration. This fat adds structure and volume to the face.
  • Microfat – Partially filtrated and processed to achieve a finer injectable product. This fat is great for filling in fine lines and gentle subsurface facial contouring.
  • Nanofat – Microprocessor fat to near cellular levels. This fat is full of regenerative cells which stimulate cells to release growth factors and cell mediators leading to a true anti-aging effect on the skin and surrounding tissues.

Are You Eligible for Fat Transfer & Injection?

Due to the minimally invasive nature of this procedure and due to the low degree of risk, most people are candidates for fat transfer. People at greater risk include those with bleeding disorders and those who smoke.

During your consultation at Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we’ll speak with you at length about your medical history and ultimate goals. Only then will we recommend an ideal course of action for addressing your cosmetic concerns.

Fat Transfer & Injection FAQs

Yes. While the paralytic effects of Botox wear off eventually, fat that’s been deposited in targeted areas is generally more enduring. Additionally, hyaluronic acid (as used in Juvéderm) similarly dissipates over time.

Fat transfer and injection can create results that last a lifetime by using your own tissue to add volume where you need it most. Once injected, your body supports this tissue just as it would if it occurred normally in the same area.

Once your own, naturally produced fat has been removed and purified, it’s injected by the same method as other dermal fillers. Like other dermal filler and Botox procedures, this only requires a needle. The procedure is minimally invasive, quickly accomplished, and mostly pain- and discomfort-free for most patients.

Technically no, fat transfers are not weight loss procedures. The volume required to fill hands, cheeks, or scalps may not have a significant impact once removed from the donor area. While fat is being removed, the overall visual effect of that removal is most often less significant than other, dedicated weight loss procedures.

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If you’ve been searching for the ideal dermal filler for adding volume to your hands, face, or scalp, the answer might have been inside you all along. Fat transfer and injection is a redistribution of purified, natural tissue with minimal risk of allergic reaction or adverse effects.

While Botox, Juvéderm, and other dermal fillers have been proven to be safe and effective, fat transfer is easily the safest and longest-lasting method for restoring volume. At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we have one ultimate goal: to help you feel and look like the best version of yourself.

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