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IV Infusion Therapy – How to Boost Immunity Fast

Let’s face it, you’re too busy to be sick. By best measurements, the average American loses three working days to sickness each year. But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not hard to remember the last full day we worked while feeling under the weather. 

When you feel that next cold, flu, or random illness coming on, you don’t have time to spare. Forget your employer’s goals—you have aspirations and dreams of your own, and you’ll need to be at your best to reach them. 

Sure, you could eat more greens and research antioxidant foods online, but your digestive tract works too slowly. You need an immune system booster NOW, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with IV vitamin therapy at Regeneris Medspa.

IV Drip Therapy Packed with Immune Boosting Vitamins in Boston, MA

At Regeneris Medspa, Dr. Ryan Welter and his team have curated a list of the best IV drip cocktails out there. Our Liquivida® IV kits come fully prepared to prevent your next illness at a moment’s notice.

To schedule your IV therapy appointment today, call Regeneris Medspa at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online.

Introducing the Liquivida Natural Defense IV Cocktail

In just 45 minutes to 1 hour of in-office time, you can get the supercharged immunity you need to stave off the ick. Here’s what makes our IV therapy work.


Viruses and bacteria can find us anywhere. Illnesses are flying left and right—on handrails when leaving the T, on door handles at the office, and in crowded supermarkets. But you and your body are far from powerless. With a little bit of zinc in your system, you can render these illness-causing intruders moot. 

In your body, zinc activates enzymes—protein structures that play a vital role in antioxidant and immune responses. Once activated, these enzymes hunt down pathogens and break down their protein structures, leaving them mostly harmless. 

With a little bit of zinc, you can tackle your day while your enzymes tackle your illness.

Vitamin D

Each of us knows at least one armchair nutritionist. These well-meaning, but sometimes overenthusiastic, friends love to suggest foods that boost immune systems. They may pitch everything from citrus to sardines, oats to fatty fish, all in the hopes that you’ll get more vitamin D to keep you happy and healthy. Sad as we are to say it, your friends are right.

Vitamin D is an excellent way to promote a stronger immune system all around. For starters, this immune-boosting vitamin reduces inflammation, the leading cause of poor health among otherwise healthy adults. Furthermore, vitamin D increases your number of antimicrobial peptides—trained killers that home in on pathogens to eliminate them before harm is caused. 

Vitamin C

Those of us of a certain age remember Saturday morning cartoon commercials featuring sugary orange drinks. To help us convince our parents, these commercials touted the numerous benefits of vitamin C. But vitamin C is more than just a marketing tactic—it’s a vital nutrient that can supercharge your immune response. 

Vitamin C is excellent at reducing oxidative stress—in simple terms, the state of balance between pathogens and your body’s ability to detoxify. By tipping that balance in favor of your immune system, vitamin C makes it easier for your immune response to target, fight, and win. It’s as simple as that.

Beta Carotene

In any battle, the party with more soldiers has a natural advantage. The same is true of your immune system. You need to replenish your germ-fighting ranks frequently to keep the odds in your favor. Beta carotene does just that.

Commonly found in carrots, greens, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, beta carotene reduces inflammation and gives your body the antioxidant boost it needs to reduce oxidative stress. Additionally, this powerful chemical compound adds new disease-fighting cells to your weakening platoons, providing the backup your body needs to resist illness.

Feel a Cold Coming On? Learn what our Natural Defense IV Drip Can Do For You!

While the average American worker only takes three sick days per year, each of us knows how often we feel rundown, under the weather, or anxious about an oncoming illness. In just 45 minutes to an hour, you get the vitamins and minerals you need to prevent sickness delivered straight into your bloodstream. 

Your stomach takes days to break down the food you eat and distribute it accordingly. But with IV therapy from Regeneris Medspa in Boston, MA, you get what you need to keep fighting, striving, earning, and playing instantly.

Feeling peppy enough as you are? Excellent! We have more supercharged vitamin cocktails for everything from concentration to libido, anti-aging to hangover recovery. Find an IV drip that’s perfect for you at Regeneris Medspa today!

Get the Nutrition You Need NOW with IV Therapy at Regeneris!

Some mornings, you wake up raiding the medicine cabinet or wishing your over-the-counter pills were that much stronger. Sometimes, we can wait to feel better. Other times, we just need a cure. At Regeneris, our IV therapy cures what ails you—from a lower sex drive to a wild hangover. Find an IV drip that’s perfect for you by calling us today at (781) 412-1309 or contacting us online. Check out our latest special offers & find what you need to look & feel your best!

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