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Regenerative Medicine
Take Control of Your Life Without Incontinence

Incontinence Treatment with Emsella in Boston, MA

Few symptoms of aging can cause us as much embarrassment as incontinence. Life with incontinence requires hypervigilance—we’re constantly on the lookout for bathrooms or guarding ourselves against sudden accidents. Incontinence can have numerous causes, many of which are treatable. At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we use cutting-edge Emsella® treatments to banish incontinence from your life.

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, our regenerative incontinence treatment empowers your own body to prevent leaks or accidents. Start living your life your way without searching for bathrooms within striking distance everywhere you go. Take back your freedom with Emsella at Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery in Boston, MA.

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How Emsella Incontinence Treatment Works

Your pelvic floor muscles provide control over your bladder and bowels, but aging and other related issues can compromise your ability to go when you choose. Emsella restores control by strengthening and training pelvic floor muscles.

Emsella delivers electromagnetic energy into your pelvic floor muscles, causing thousands of contractions each session. Over time, those muscles become stronger, just as if you were training them with weights at the gym. Many patients report superior control after just one session, but further sessions can continuously improve pelvic floor strength and your sense of freedom. Ditch the pads and get busy living without looking for bathrooms over your shoulder. Emsella from Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery can help.

The Benefits of Emsella for Incontinence

Emsella’s electromagnetic pulses simulate natural contractions within the muscle, meaning that your body is doing most of the work on its own. All your pelvic floor muscles need to grow stronger and resume control over your bladder and bowels is a little concentrated encouragement.

Accordingly, Emsella provides numerous benefits to incontinence sufferers, including:

Non-invasive procedure

No recovery time required

Comfortable procedure

Restores bladder and pelvic muscle control

Greater confidence

Quick procedure (less than 30 minutes)

Greater freedom

Significant reduction in pad usage

Of course, the greatest benefit of Emsella is regaining control of your life and freedom of movement. Incontinence always threatens to rear its head at the least appropriate times, causing daily uncertainty and limited opportunity. With Emsella, you can take your life back by taking back control.

Are You Eligible for Emsella?

If you suffer from incontinence, you could be an ideal candidate for Emsella treatments. Pregnant women and those with surgical implants present in the body are not advised to undergo Emsella treatments, though most other healthy adults may qualify. During your consultation at Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, your personal care consultant will review your goals and medical history to help you determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Emsella FAQs

As a side effect of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, some patients report a tighter vaginal canal and increased sexual gratification. However, this is not a listed benefit of Emsella, as each patient and their benefits are different.

Emsella is pain-free and completely comfortable for the vast majority of patients. Your pelvic floor muscles aren’t being asked to do anything they’re not already built to achieve comfortably. Patients usually report a tingle or the sensation of contracting muscles, but little more beyond that.

Some patients report an immediate increase in bladder and bowel control. For others, additional and ongoing treatments may be required for the best and longest-lasting results. Ultimately, the duration of benefits depends on the cause of your incontinence, the frequency of treatments, and your unique circumstances.

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Expensive and uncomfortable pads, constant worry, and the need for a bathroom nearby—the symptoms of incontinence can be life-altering in many ways. Thankfully, with Emsella from Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery in Boston, MA, you can empower your own body and live with the freedom and confidence you deserve.

Chances are good that you qualify for Emsella treatments today. Contact Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery for an Emsella consultation so we can get you the control you need to live your best life—anywhere, anytime, with or without a bathroom nearby.

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