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All Things Skin At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic & Medical Dermatology Services in Boston, MA

For patients in Boston, MA, and beyond, Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery has the go-to dermatological expertise for both cosmetic and medical procedures. We offer the latest in cutting-edge, tech-supported cosmetic dermatology treatments as well as patient-centered care options for skin ailments and cancers of numerous kinds.

Whether you’re having a suspicious mole removed or seeking an end to troublesome fine lines and wrinkles, there’s a procedure, solution, and caring hand waiting for you at Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery. Browse a brief list of our services below and schedule your consultation today.

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Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in achieving the best results with only the most appropriate treatment options. We’ll discuss your ideal goals with you and formulate a plan of treatment that matches your desires point-by-point.

Advancements in skincare have revolutionized the way we think about and treat our skin. These days, we more fully understand how skin heals, what it needs to stay at optimal health, and how to encourage improved skin quality and texture through laser services.

Among our most popular cosmetic dermatology treatments and products, you’ll find:

To browse our full lineup of cosmetic dermatology treatments and procedures, check out our cosmetic dermatology menu.

Full Cosmetic Dermatology Services

Medical Dermatology Treatments

In a manner of thinking, your skin functions like a spacesuit. It protects you from environmental and atmospheric contaminants and damage. Accordingly, your skin takes a beating down the years. Sunlight, genetics, and certain lifestyle choices can accelerate wear and tear. It’s only natural, then, that your skin needs help from time to time to stay actively healthy and actively functional.

As the largest organ of the body, the health of your skin can affect your overall wellness. Skin ailments can deliver a serious, daily blow to your quality of life. Chronic conditions (such as acne and eczema) contribute to embarrassment, pain, and deflated confidence, while skin cancers rank among the deadliest known.

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we care about your skin. Let us give it what it needs to regenerate, radiate, and protect you for years to come.

Our Medical Dermatology treatments include:

Suspicious moles and blemishes should always be checked and treated by expert professionals. Don’t put off having this or that spot examined. When caught early, certain skin cancers have a higher rate of successful treatment.

Full Medical Dermatology Services


You should see a dermatologist if you have any persistent or bothersome skin issues that affect your appearance, comfort, or health. Some examples are severe acne, unexplained rashes or itching, slow wound healing, changes in moles or birthmarks, suspicious growths or lesions, hair loss or thinning, nail problems, or signs of aging.

The board certified dermatologists at Regeneris Boston Dermatology offer a variety of treatments for different skin conditions. These include medical dermatology (the diagnosis and management of various skin diseases such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, warts, moles, skin infections, skin allergies, vitiligo, melasma, alopecia, nail fungus, and skin cancers) as well as cosmetic dermatology procedures that enhance the appearance and quality of the skin like Botox®, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microneedling, PRP therapy, laser resurfacing, IPL photofacial, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, scar revision, and skin tightening.

During a dermatology consultation, your dermatologist will review your medical history and examine your skin condition. We will also ask you about your symptoms, lifestyle factors, and aesthetic expectations. Testing may be necessary to diagnose specific skin disease or skin cancer. Based on our findings, we will recommend the best treatment options for you and answer any questions you may have.

Preparation for your dermatologic surgery or other medical treatment will vary depending on the type and extent of the procedure. Your dermatologist will provide you with specific instructions before your appointment, but some general tips are:

  • Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before and after your treatment
  • Stop using any products that contain retinoids or acids for at least one week before your treatment.
  • Inform your dermatologist of any medications or supplements you are taking that may affect your healing or increase your bleeding risk
  • Arrive at the clinic with clean and makeup-free skin
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the treatment area

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At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we have one mission: to help you feel and look like the best version of yourself. Our cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments represent the safest, most reliable, and most effective methods for the improvement of skin quality and skin health.

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in achieving the greatest results with only the most appropriate procedures. Schedule your consultation today and give your skin the advantage it deserves.

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