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Preventative Botox 101: The Advantages of Starting Early

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of a little cosmetic injectable called Botox. Initially used to treat crossed eyes, Botox received its first FDA approval for that purpose way back in 1989. Later, after the cosmetic benefits of Botox were discovered, the product received a 2nd FDA approval in 2002 for treating fine lines and wrinkles. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to 2020, and you’ll find that over 4.4 million Botox injections were administered in the United States alone, representing only a small slice of the global pie. Now, patients can customize their injection for numerous purposes, including the popular Botox Lip Flip, the minor Baby Botox treatment, or even a BlowTox procedure for preventing excessive forehead sweat. In short, Botox and its uses are almost as diverse as the patients who love and cherish it.

Across the world, patients are the primary driver of new and improved injectable applications. But there’s one modern way to use the world’s leading neurotoxin that’s making more waves than most: preventative Botox.

It’s also important to remember that Botox refers to just one type of neurotoxin.  There are now several on the market.  Many work very much the same as Botox, but others may last longer or spread out in a different way.  The good news is that our team is experienced in using all of them, and we can pick the right treatment for you every time.  

What is Preventative Botox?

The popularity of Botox has revealed trends in usage and results over time that could not have been known before. Most everybody understands that a safe dose of botulinum toxin paralyzes the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles. But over time, an unexpected benefit emerged. 

Providers and patients began noticing that regular Botox users needed less frequent injections as time passed. As it turned out, Botox was training the facial muscles to underreact, limiting the potential for common wrinkles. 

This got the cosmetic world buzzing. If Botox can train facial muscles with regular use, they thought, then using it earlier in our lifetimes can prevent the formation of wrinkles in the first place, effectively kicking the Crow’s-Feet-can down the road by a decade or longer.

Preventative Botox was born, and generations of beauty enthusiasts rejoiced.

When Should I Start a Preventative Botox Routine?

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Ryan Welter and his team generally recommend adopting a preventative Botox routine in your mid to late 20s or early 30s. 

As we age, our skin loses some of its healing potency. Collagen and elastin—two vital structural proteins responsible for skin health and tightness—slow in production as we age. When combined with sun damage and certain lifestyle choices (like smoking), this natural decline in skin health can quickly lead to compromised complexions.  

As soon as age 25, you may begin to notice fine lines developing around your mouth and eyes. Shortly afterward, in your early 30s, forehead wrinkles become more prominent. Smile lines, laugh lines, and nasolabial folds follow suit, adding to an aged appearance within the span of a decade or sooner. Without a preventative Botox routine, only surgical interventions or new-age laser treatments stand a chance of turning back the tide.

How Often Should I Get Botox Injections?

Common wisdom recommends a Botox injection every four months or so. Depending on your age, skin health, and medical history, more or less frequent injections may be recommended to meet your desired goals.

Of course, no cosmetic injectable on the market today can forever prevent fine lines and wrinkles. But most patients only turn to Botox in their 40s, 50s, and 60s when the most the injectable can do is prevent a rapid deepening of existing facial creases. 

By starting your preventative Botox routine early, you’re cutting off wrinkles at the pass, long before they can take root and establish themselves on your face. Because this injectable method is so new, there’s no telling how preventative Botox users will look in their later years. But by starting your routine today, you could be part of the first generation who seem to barely age at all.

Are You Ready for a Preventative Botox Routine?

For the overwhelming majority of Botox patients, the injectable is safe, effective, and side-effect free. Better still, frequent use over long periods of time reveals no increased likelihood of adverse reactions. The true value of preventative Botox will only come into view over the next few decades when the early adapters begin to age (or not). Until then, patients everywhere are sizzling with excitement for the latest, most promising Botox application to date.

If you’re ready to start your preventative Botox routine today,  Dr. Ryan Welter and his team of cosmetic professionals are prepared to help. At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, we can’t wait to see your results over the next 10, 20, or 30 years! Call us today to schedule your first appointment at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online

Welcome to the Botox Generation at Regeneris Medspa!

From an inhospitable neurotoxin to a cure for crossed eyes to a world-leading cosmetic miracle, the story of Botox has evolved in increasingly unexpected ways. Now, at the cusp of the next great cosmetic disruption, you can be a part of the first wave of preventative Botox users. To learn more about how regular Botox injections can prevent common fine lines and wrinkles, or to schedule your first appointment, call Regeneris today at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online. For the beauty-driven, we regularly offer special offers

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