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VASERlipo – A Next-Gen, Minimally Invasive Liposuction Alternative

Since its invention in 1975, traditional liposuction has cornered the market on fat removal procedures. But as decades passed, the race was on to discover a less invasive and more friendly treatment, one that didn’t require extended downtime or risk damaging nerves and blood vessels. 

With the advent of laser technology, dozens of procedures emerged to challenge liposuction’s reign. Some alternatives fizzled, while others proved less effective (or more dangerous) than advertised. For years, it seemed like nothing could dethrone surgical liposuction—until now.

At Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Ryan Welter and his team pride themselves on offering the latest, most innovative treatments. Among them, you’ll find VASERlipo®—another in a long line of upstart liposuction alternatives.

But what is VASERlipo, and how is it different from the standard incisions and suction cannula of old? Let’s dive in.

VASERlipo – The Next-Gen, Minimally Invasive Liposuction Alternative

The world of elective procedures has expanded dramatically, even in just the last 20 years. Newer, better alternatives for procedures with household names have become commonplace, and you can find many of them at Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery in Boston, MA.

To learn more about our leading-edge procedures, or to schedule your appointment today, give us a call at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online. 

What is VASERlipo?

The “VASER” in “VASERlipo” stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. If that sounds technical and scientific, that’s because it is. In essence, VASERlipo uses ultrasound energy to emulsify fat. 

In typical liposuction, a cannula (thin tube) is inserted into a fatty deposit through an incision. This tube is then moved around to shift and dislodge fat before removing it through suction. While effective, traditional liposuction is not without risks. And for many patients, the surgical methodology and protracted downtime rule the procedure out. This is where VASERlipo comes in.

How does VASERlipo Work?

VASERlipo improves on many of the same phases present in traditional liposuction. But the tools, methods, and ultimate results are less traumatic overall, leading to drastically reduced downtime and a swifter recovery after the fact.

A VASERlipo procedure starts with an injection to the targeted area. This medicated solution prepares the fat for treatment and makes it more receptive to being broken apart. 

Next, ultrasound probes are placed. By emitting gentle (but effective) ultrasound energy, these probes weaken the bonds that hold fatty tissue together, reducing individual fat cells to a liquid state. 

Finally, a much thinner and less-invasive suction cannula is inserted through the same initial incision to remove the liquified fat. Patients are placed under localized or general anesthesia throughout, so you won’t feel a thing. It’s really as simple as that. 

Where can VASERlipo be used?

Because VASERlipo goes beyond the back-and-forth movement of the cannula featured in traditional liposuction, it’s more versatile than its parent procedure. This leads to increased functionality for numerous, hard-to-treat areas across the body. Wherever fat is, VASERlipo can go to reduce it, including:

  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Waist (love handles)
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Nearly anywhere else

What Are the Advantages of VASERlipo?

The advantages of ultrasound lipolysis are severalfold, especially when compared to surgical liposuction. For starters, fat is broken apart by gentle sound energy rather than the scraping or tearing caused by the cannula itself.

Next, the incision required for VASERlipo is much smaller because the suction cannula is also smaller. By minimizing the tools required to get the job done, we avoid damaging other tissue, blood vessels, or nerves in the treatment area. These smaller tools and kinder methods also result in less bruising, getting you back on your feet faster so that you can enjoy your results. 

In essence, surgical liposuction may have been the champion of fat removal in the 20th century. VASERlipo is the refined grandchild, poised to take over in the 21st. 

A Kinder, Gentler Liposuction Alternative at Regeneris Medspa

Science, research, development, and the ultimate promise of removing unwanted fat without excess downtime have all resulted in VASERlipo. Now you can try the new kid on the block at Regeneris Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery in Boston, MA. 

With the versatility, technology, and kinder methodologies that modern patients demand, VASERlipo is ready to stand at the top of liposuction’s hill. The only question remaining is: are you ready for the next generation of liposuction? 

Remove unwanted fat without long downtimes at Regeneris Medspa!

For centuries, we’ve dreamed of turning back the clock on hard-to-lose fat. While liposuction certainly changed the game some 50 years ago, newer methods are available to modern patients. Spare yourself the physical hardship associated with the old technique and embrace the new! Call us at (781) 412-1309 or contact us online to schedule your VASERlipo consultation today. While you’re at it, check out our special offers or learn more about our practice. We can’t wait to introduce you to the next generation of liposuction!

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