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The Natural Way to Strengthen Core Muscles to Last Longer


If you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or if you just want to stay hard longer and last longer, then you could benefit from the Regeneris Magnum Throne utilizing HIFEM® technology. HIFEM® stands for high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology. HIFEM® uses a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles in a targeted area. Strong magnetic fields create electrical currents, which are passed to the muscles of the pelvic floor. When these magnetic pulses are fast enough, they force the muscles to contract, supramaximally, meaning more that you can contract them on your own (fig 1).  The result is a powerful workout of the pelvic floor in just 30 minutes.

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Proven Efficacy of Kegel exercises for ED

Studies show Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor are a great way to help you last longer.  In fact, Men’s Health magazine lists Kegel’s as the number one  way to last longer is to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (  Kegel ( exercises require you to contract your pelvic floor muscles for a minimum of 10 seconds at a time, over and over again until results are achieved.  While up to 75% of men compliant with doing this show improvement in ED and up to 80% showed improvement with premature ejaculation ( , there is a problem – No one has the time to do this!  Enter the Regeners Magnum Throne.  By just sitting, clothes on, on the Regeneris Magnum Throne you can experience 20,000 kegel contractions in just 30 minutes.  Furthermore the Magnum Throne utilizes HIFEM technology to make those pelvic floor muscles reach supramaxim contraction in a way you cannot otherwise achieve.  The result is a powerful pelvic floor which allows you to maintain blood in the penis for an extraordinary amount of time.  You will maintain better control over your erection, last longer, and improve your sexual performance.

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Are You Eligible for Regeneris Magnum Throne?

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or if you just want to stay hard longer and last longer, then you could benefit from the Regeneris Magnum Throne utilizing HIFEM® technology.  Those with metal  implants present in the body are not advised to undergo treatment, though most other healthy adults may qualify. During your consultation at Regeneris Medical, your personal care consultant will review your goals and medical history to help you determine the appropriate course of treatment.

The Importance of a Strong Pelvic Floor

The muscles of the pelvic floor (fig 1)  are involved in erectile function. Too-tight and chronically-short pelvic floor muscles impede blood flow to the penis’ shaft and exert pressure on the nerves that supply the organ with feeling. Lax muscles do not contract to keep an erection in place and may contract less forcefully during ejaculation. Muscles that are too short or too lax are not functioning properly and cannot produce the best erections, orgasms, or ejaculations.

An erection occurs once blood enters the penis and is initially maintained by Compression of the veins because of increased pressure in the penis. This causes the penis to grow and become hard as blood becomes trapped.

The resulting erection can be maintained by avoiding ejaculation and contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, particularly the ischiocavernosus muscle and the bulbospongiosus muscle. (fig 2)

To treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, physicians have routinely recommended pelvic floor physical therapy which uses manual treatments, exercise regimens, dietary and lifestyle changes, and education. Connective tissue constraints in the abdominals, inner thighs, groin, buttock, and low back are released using a method called connective tissue manipulation. Muscle tightness can be relieved with relaxation exercises and manual pelvic floor muscle release. Pelvic floor exercises improve function by restoring muscle strength. The root reasons of erectile dysfunction can be addressed through lifestyle changes such modifying daily routines, food, and education.

Although these exercises are effective, they are very difficult to maintain over time. The Regeneris Magnum Throne bypasses this by compressing weeks of at home exercises into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes, giving you the strong pelvic floor you need to last and last… You’ll want to try this!

Frequently Asked Questions

A side effect of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is the ability to maintain and hold a longer erection.  This can significantly enhance sexual function in some people and lead to increased sexual pleasure.

Is the Magnum Throne painful?

The Magnum HIFEM® is pain-free and completely comfortable for the vast majority of patients. Your pelvic floor muscles aren’t being asked to do anything they’re not already built to achieve comfortably. Patients usually report a tingle or the sensation of contracting muscles, but little more beyond that. You’ll know it’s working when you feel the HIFEM® contractions in the right area.

Some patients report an immediate increase in control during intercourse. For others, additional and ongoing treatments may be required for the best and longest-lasting results. All patients complete an initial course of 6 treatments and then monthly maintenance is recommended. Ultimately, the duration of benefits depends on the extent of your ED, the frequency of your treatments, and your unique circumstances.

No you simply sit on the Magnum Throne in your regular clothes. Because of the magnetic waves you are required to remove any items from you pockets.

IF you have metal in your body and would be restricted from having an MRI then you are unfortunately unable to benefit from the Magnum Throne due to the electromagnetic field this device produces.

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Don’t wait another day to take advantage of the powerful benefits of HIFEM® and the Magnum Throne.   Thankfully, with the Magnum Throne  from Regeneris Medical in Boston, MA, you can have greater strength and control, and find the ultimate non invasive treatment for premature ejeculation and erectile dysfunction.  Combine the Throne with Shockwave therapy or one of our cellular injection therapies and save on both.  .Chances are good that you qualify for the Regeneris Magnum Throne treatment today. Contact Regeneris Medical for a consultation so we can get you back in the driver’s seat .

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