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Regeneris Shock Wave Therapy


The Clinically Proven Drug Free Way To Maintain a Stronger Lasting Erection

Perhaps you have heard of the Dr. Richard Gains and the “Gainswave” shock therapy which was featured in men’s health some time ago. Or, possibly you have even heard of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ECST). While treating erectile dysfunction with ECST has become a mainstay treatment, most clinics are relying on older technology and protocols. It’s important to realize however, that shockwave therapies have only improved over time and at the Regeneris Elite Men’s Health Center we offer the most comfortable and effective shockwave device available utilizing our unique proprietary treatment protocol. Welcome to the future of regenerative medicine!

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What is Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT)?

Linear shockwave therapy creates the shockwaves through novel electric elements rather than through traditional mechanical (jackhammer -like) wave generating devices.  This provides for a more comfortable treatment but also allows for treating the entire penile organ safely.  In addition, LSWT allows for penetration depth from 5-20 mm allowing for comprehensive stimulation of the tissue.  Shocks are delivered at a maximum rate of 480 PPM (8 Hz) resulting in much shorter treatment sessions and improved outcomes.   The combined characteristics of rapid pulse rates and good penetration with LSWT allows for sufficient energy to be applied to the whole penile and perineal area in a very short space of time (1)

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LSWT is a Non-Invasive and Can Treat All Areas of the Penis and Perineum

Will LSWT Enhance my Erection?

With the help of high-frequency acoustic waves, extracorporeal shockwave therapy can improve blood flow in soft tissue areas of human anatomy such as in the muscle and tendons but also in the penis and perineum by activating the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Just as muscles are broken down during training and rebuilt with stronger fibers and better blood flow through natural biochemical processes, LSWT stimulates tissue in a similar fashion to heal and rebuild. In between LSWT sessions, the body continues to heal –  producing new blood vessels through a process called “angiogenesis” which leads to better blood flow and more sustained erections and long term regeneration and development.


Comprehensive Treatments – Combination Protocols

Taking back your sexlife requires a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.  And no one treatment is generally a catch all for every person.  In fact it is usually better to treat most problems in medicine from different angles.  This is why at the Regeneris Elite Men’s Health Center we offer combination therapies as often as possible.  LSWT stimulates growth and development of the penile tissue through the development of new blood vessels over time which leads to more blood flow and stronger erections.  But when coupled with the Regeneris Magnum Throne which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles responsible for holding an erection longer, the results become compounded leading to greater overall satisfaction.   By pairing treatments in affordable packages, you will have the benefit of experiencing several advanced regenerative therapies at once allowing the doctors and staff at Regeneris to better tailor your treatment plan based on your overall response.  The benefit to you is better value, and faster results from combination protocols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stronger more lasting erections from rejuvenation of the penile erectile tissue.

The treatments take less than 15 minutes and there is no pain or discomfort.

LSWT works by stimulating cells in the penis to secrete growth factors which stimulate new blood vessel formation. Increased blood flow and regenerative effects on penile tissue leads to erectile enhancement. Many people experience stronger more lasting erections after the very first treatment without the need for medication.

First the entire experience at the Regeneris Elite Men’s Health Center is different. Unlike “pop up” men’s health clinics that offer one treatment, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation and have the opportunity to avail yourself of anyone of our many treatment options. The Regeneris LSWT is particularly unique in both the proprietary protocol we use to treat, but also in the device its self. LSWT uses non mechanical energy which allows for quick and deep penetration into the penile tissue. This equates to more comfort during the procedure while maximizing the areas impacted by the treatment.

Studies have shown upwards of 76% improvement from LSWT therapy.

No, the treatment can be done as a stand alone solution although many men choose further enhancement with some of our other regenerative solutions.

Our protocol is 6 treatments twice a week followed by a booster of 4 treatments a few months later.

All regenerative treatments aim to turn back the clock on the tissue, rejuvenating the cells. This type of anti-aging approach leads to improved form and function, but it doesn’t stop the aging process. It is important to maintain an antiaging protocol to maintain cells in a more youthful state for as long as possible.

Because there are no needles or drugs involved, LSWT is very safe when performed by properly trained professionals.

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